VALIDATED: Where are you from?

MR. NOAST: I’m a french-based artist, I live in Toulouse (in the South of France).


VALIDATED: What is your process? (Which tools/supplies do you prefer to use?)

MR. NOAST: I use faber castel graphite pencils mainly, with a large range of hardnesses in order to make shades and contrasts. I also like working with charcoal, it’s an easy way to create very dark tones and backgrounds for instance. I make details and lightenings with a fine rubber: a tombow mono zero. Then concerning the shade off technique I use blending stumps so that I can get a perfect shading.


VALIDATED: What are a few of the highlights/rewards of where your artwork has taken you so far?

MR. NOAST: Many artists who I’ve portrayed shared and showed my work some love and support - Pete Rock, Roc Marciano, Alchemist, Apollo Brown, Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson, The Griselda Records Family (Conway, Westside Gunn, Daringer…) etc. I’ve also had a couple of exhibitions in my hometown, and more are coming this year in other French cities.




VALIDATED: When and why did you decide to focus on hiphop artist?

MR. NOAST: I really became a huge fan of the hip hop culture / movement 5-6 years ago, and I’ve immediately found a new source of inspiration for my art. I’ve started drawing the iconic artists who I loved and who inspired me. The whole aesthetic of hip-hop is amazing: clothes, body and facial expressions, visuals… even if I’m trying to have a more diverse portfolio, hip hop is definitely where I found most of my inspiration.



VALIDATED: What's your reaction to how the hiphop community has embraced your work?

MR. NOAST: It’s crazy to see all this enthusiasm for my art from all around the world! Everyday i receive dms and emails from Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Australia… I couldn’t be more grateful for the support I get from everybody who show my work some love. Hip Hop is such an amazing movement, the fans really appreciate to see their favorite artists portrayed, and to have a small contribution to the culture is a real honor for me. Shout out to every rapper, producer and artist who I love and who support what I’m doing. To be recognized by those who inspire me daily is such a great reward. And of course big shout out to all the people, hip hop heads and art enthusiasts who follow my work! 




VALIDATED: Have you had any art education or are you self taught? 

MR. NOAST: I'm a self-taught artist. I’ve been drawing since a kid and I went to some art classes when I was younger but they weren’t focused on portraits. I’ve learnt how to draw portraits and facial expressions by myself.


 VALIDATED: How has art influenced your life? 

MR. NOAST: I can’t imagine my life without drawing. It’s a passion, my lifestyle... I'm always drawing and working, either on a specific artwork or on simple, basic sketches and scribblings.




 VALIDATED: Which artist had the most memorable reaction to your drawing of them?

MR: NOAST: The most memorable reaction would probably be when I met Skyzoo and Apollo Brown in late February during their rehearsal before a show in Lyon, France. it was the second time that I met Apollo and that he saw my art in person, and once again he has shown a lot of appreciation for my drawings. So did Skyzoo! Eventually they both gave me a huge shout out in the middle of their show between two songs. It was Crazy. Best memory ever.


VALIDATED: Where can the readers find you on the web? 

MR. NOAST: You can find my work on Instagram and Twitter (@Mr_Noast) and on FaceBook as well under my name "Mr. Noast". You can also contact me for questions / requests via email:



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