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 VALIDATED: Where are you from and what's the story behind your dj name?

DJ ROYBOY: I’m from Brooklyn, Ny, Farragut Projects. My dj name was given to me by my late great Uncle Erv. He originally called me Mixmaster ROYBOY as a kid because I used to tamper with the dj equipment but I turned it into just DJ ROYBOY.

VALIDATED: Growing up, what kind of music was played in your household and how has it influenced your ear for music?

DJ ROYBOY: Growing up in my household there was a lot of hip-hop, r & b and old school. Listening to those genres of music while I was a kid helped me to know what the hits were back then. So now I am able to dig deep into my library and play classic, timeless songs that a wide age range can relate too.

VALIDATED: Which dj's influenced your style of dj'ing? What, if anything did you borrow from them?

DJ ROYBOY: Some of the dj's that influenced my style are Kid Capri, Dj Self and Dj Camilo. Some of the things I took from them is the way they interact vocally with the crowd and the consistent flow of energy. On top of those things, they are party dj's and that’s my style.

VALIDATED: What's your earliest memory of hip-hop, the culture?

DJ ROYBOY: My earliest memory of hip-hop culture was when I was a kid, maybe about 9 or 10 years old, me and my cousins would dress up and act like the Fugees. We would sing "Killing Me Softly" over and over and argue whose going to sing Lauren Hill's part. Lol

VALIDATED: How do you gauge a hit record; by club play, radio play, streams, crowd reaction, etc?

DJ ROYBOY: The way I pick if a song is a hit is the way the crowd or audience reacts to it. Sometimes mainstream radio can try to force a song on you but the people will let you know if that song is the one.

VALIDATED: What was the first piece of dj equipment you purchased?

DJ ROYBOY: The first official piece of dj equipment that I purchased was a Numark NS6. I was always given pieces of equipment before I was able to purchase my own so that was a very happy day for me.

VALIDATED: Describe your first dj'ing gig.

DJ ROYBOY: My first gig was a baby shower in a community center around my neighborhood. I had 1 speaker that was busted and had to transport the equipment in a shopping cart. The event overall was super nerve recking and sloppy but the customer was satisfied.

VALIDATED: How do you feel dj'ing has changed most due to technology? Is there a lack of skill with "push button" djs verses the "crates era" djs?

DJ ROYBOY: Technology has changed the dj culture a whole lot. It has improved as far as making setup and travel much easier and compact with laptops. But, that has also hurt the dj craft because now you don’t have to perfect things such as transitions and blends. You now have the ability to let the dj hardware do most of the work. I believe that dj's that came before the technology are more skilled because you had nothing to assist you in your mix besides your ears and hands.

VALIDATED: Who's the better dj, the "crates era" dj or the "push button" dj? Why?

DJ ROYBOY: Skill and technic wise I’d have to say crate era is better but as far as the ability to jump from 1 song to the next and add more versatility to the mix, push button dj's are able to produce a better outcome and futuristic sound with fx.

VALIDATED: Please explain the dj's role  in hip-hop and the importance of that role.

DJ ROYBOY: The dj's role in hip hop is to spread what’s hot to the masses and also introduce them to new artists or sounds. It is very important for a dj to stay in tune to what people like and what sounds are relevant to present day.

VALIDATED: How is it dj'ing for "Tha Reality Check Show" on DTF Radio and what are the diffefences in internet radio and main stream radio?

DJ ROYBOY: It’s a great experience being the dj for "Tha Reality Check Show". It’s very interactive and I feel right at home. The biggest difference between internet and mainstream is explicit lyrics. Another difference is there is little to no upcoming artists being played which I think should change.

VALIDATED: What has been your biggest moment as dj?

DJ ROYBOY: My biggest moment as a dj has to be when I traveled to Knoxville, Tn, to dj for an artist Klean Keem. He opened up for Gucci Maine and I had the opportunity to warm up the crowd of about 8,000 people. That was the biggest moment for me so far.

VALIDATED: If you could pick 3 artists that you would love to dj for, past or present, living or not, who would they be and why?

DJ ROYBOY: I would love to dj for Nicki Minaj because she travels all across the globe. I would love to dj for Lil Uzi because his shows are just wild. Lol Lastly, I’d love to dj for Jay Z just to see what his concert line up is before everyone else. Lol

VALIDATED: Where can the reader support you and your movement online and social media?


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