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VALIDATED: Please give us a brief  background on who you are and what you do?

REEM'O MEERAK: I am an independent media personality, videographer, former model/actor, and television producer who's been in the industry for 11 years, and in media for the last 6 years since 2012. I started acting and modeling back in 2007. Then, stumbled upon the internet/podcast scene as a guest on various occasions at Damatrix Studios Network in the Bronx, as well as starting becoming a guest co-host. After a while, I started catching "the bug" and started researching media personalities that inspired me; Fab 5 Freddy, Angie Martinez, Sway Calloway, Tori “Star” Torrain, and Michael Baidsen. The process of the research took about 4 months, and on March 12th, 2015 I had my own podcast show called “Reem TV” Radio. The show lasted for 3 seasons until June 16th, 2016. After that, went on a hiatus from Podcasts to focus on a deeper picture and Lane for the Reem’o Meerak Brand. During the hiatus, I was building the name Reem’o Meerak networking and making the right connections for the brand. Mid-October returned to the media/podcast scene as a co-host on “Rich Off Life” TV (DTF RADIO) and "According To Kim & Company" (DSN), as well as submitted a form to a Public Access Network for a tv show. December 12th, 2016 I received the greatest Christmas gift ever, my very own TV Show on a Public Access/Cable Network. The show was slated to air on Christmas Eve, so I had no time to form a crew or plan the show. Finally, was able to get three camera guys, and started booking talent to be a guest on the show. We did things on-location, as well as pull-up to events. The First Season was difficult, yet we managed to get things together, as well as win an award for it at the 2017 Hip Hop Film Festival via The Urban Web Summit. Currently, still Host/Executive Producer for ReemTV: “Get Serious TV” and my other project whom I work with Sophia Henry (The Club: Web Series, IG - @phizzlepheeyonce) called “Facts With Reem’o”. Facts With Reem’o (FWR for short) is a talk panel show with women who give their insights as close to the facts as possible. From time to time, host events on the mic, and want to do more speaking panels with the youth, and urban communities.


VALIDATED: Do you have any professional training or are you self taught?

REEM'O MEERAK: I obtained my training from Manhattan Neighborhood Network with Producer Classes in Video Field Production and Video Editing Courses. I am a certified Field Videographer & Video Editor.


VALIDATED: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned, which influences your work on a day to day basis?

REEM'O MEERAK: PERSEVERANCE IS REAL!!! Throughout my career, it has been my number one theme/slogan that will forever stay with my brand and life. Truly can attest it helped get me through the most difficult times within the 11 years of my brand.


VALIDATED: Who would you say are your top 2 influences as a producer and videographer? What if anything have you borrowed from them?

REEM'O MEERAK: My 2-3 influences would have to be Hype Williams for the camera angles, and the way his synergy flow of his videos and the music combined. The other influence would be Kid The Rebel from, he always speaks to me from time to time, as well as watching his show, and his contributions to the industry. Also, DJ Swurv (NY Fleet DJs), he was a heavy influence in my brand and believed in what I was doing with heavy pointers about the Podcast game and the industry. Never a dull moment whenever I see or speak to Swurv. Shoutouts to Big Aqe Of BigAqeTV, we’ll have talks about videography and editing.


VALIDATED: What sacrifices have you made or things that you had to go without because you've invested in your craft?

REEM'O MEERAK: I would have to choose cutting out the extra curricular activities, my passion for playing in basketball leagues, and the abundance of negative premised locations (after-hours spots, parties that had no value or benefit to my brand) to truly focus on the brand. Also, sometimes sacrificing love. Yes, I truly have self-love in that I know and understand what situations or thereof that are attainable for me to control, but it has been difficult to find or rather maintain a love partner. Yes, I’m Reem’o Meerak, but I just like being KAREEM. Lol


VALIDATED: Do you have any upcoming projects we should know about?

REEM'O MEERAK: "Facts With Reem’o", currently being taped, Season 5 of "ReemTV" still going, as well as made a return to Podcast/Internet Radio with a brand called, mid-March will be filming behind the scenes out in Houston, TX for a project, submitted ReemTV to multiple film festivals, a trip to Canada to film Carabana, and for fall 2018 working on my very 1st documentary. Also, in process and research of my very first clothing line.


VALIDATED: Which qualities should a good producer and possess... videographer?

REEM'O MEERAK: The qualities one should have are technique, focus, direction, steady routine, and structure. YES, we are in an era where shortcuts are the “WAVE” or rather one thinks it will put them ahead of the “CURVE” or the GAME, but what suffers is the value of your craft, and the credibility that derives from it.


VALIDATED: How have you evolved as a producer/videographer from your first days at this craft?

REEM'O MEERAK: I would say yes, as I continue to learn and this craft is a “heavy drug” for me, and the “drug” continues to grow. Always try to look at other videographers and filmmakers crafts, as well as research on YouTube tutorials to implement, as well as continuously training myself at the studio working on camera angles and editing tricks. Ironically, I practice a lot on my iPhone despite I am still a traditionalist with videography, and filming.


VALIDATED: What's your choice of camera and favorite lens? Why? 

REEM'O MEERAK: Definitely the SONY Z150 and SONY NX5U, and in the process of purchasing the Panasonic G7 to expand my locations for filming. The lens’ I particularly use are from 14mm to 55mm for the depth of field shot for the range. Also, for a quick shoot, taping, or emergency opportunity I use my iPhone 7Plus, and setup the quality for what I want.


 VALIDATED: What about a script makes you want to bring it to life? What certain qualities do you look for before committing to a project?

 REEM'O MEERAK: Qualities I look for are the right team/staff is assembled, a full meeting with the talent...or company, a true understanding of their previous project, and where I fit in to make the project better, or equate their satisfaction. Also, scheduling is an omega factor, and a financial understanding where we are not wasting each other’s time. Definitely, want to be reasonable to where it does not put them in a bind, as well as not to put out a “Fuk’Shit” project into the CULTURE.


VALIDATED: Do you feel filmmakers have a responsibility to culture? Please explain...

REEM'O MEERAK: I’m from the era where the challenge of telling a great story drove the director/filmmaker. I like to break things down in phases, make sure from the breakdown that the music damn near marinates with the story and the visuals.


VALIDATED: Where can the reader support you and your movement online and social media?

REEM'O MEERAK: You can catch me on the following social media platforms:

-  Instagram & Twitter: @reemo_meerak
-  Facebook Fan Page: ReemTV: “Get Serious” TV

-  SNAPCHAT: @iamreemomeerak

-  You Tube: YouTube.Com/TheReemTV

- for comments about the show, as well as to contact for Speaking Events, or Hosting Events.

-  ReemTV: “Get Serious” TV, Saturdays from 12-12:30PM via MNNHD & Spectrum Cable Ch. 1993 (Manhattan)

- Tumblr: @TheMeerakulous1
- LinkedIn: Reem’o Meerak
- CityRokRadio.Com, Sundays from 7-9PM
- What’s Good Magazine: “The Meerak Page”, IG: @whatsgoodmagazine