VALIDATED: Where are you from and what's the story behind your rap name?

SANITY: I’m from Philly. North Philly to be exact. I started rapping early, around 10 years old. The name “Sanity” comes from Vince Carter one of my favorite ball players. They used to call him Vinsanity.


VALIDATED: Growing up, what kind of music was played in your household?

SANITY: Growing up I was influenced by Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Method Man, Nas, Biggie to name a few.


VALIDATED: What can fans expect from your latest project?

SANITY: My debut album M.P.O.V (My Point of View) is out now on all digital platforms wit features from a couple upcoming artists from Philly as well. Zay 1926, Beentrill Bizzy, Reese Buc, Robbie Casablanca, Fury, etc. You can expect "My Point of View". Lol Tune in one time and vibe wit me. It’s definitely a classic.


VALIDATED: What's your earliest memory of hip-hop, the culture?

SANITY: My earliest childhood memory is Craig Mack “Flavor in Your Ear”. I used to love that song every time it came on the radio. The beat and his lyrics were crazy . I realized I wanted to rap after I heard “Hard Knock Life” by Jay-Z. The older guys around my way used to rap also so it just seemed right. I just never gave up.


VALIDATED: Name your top 5 indie Philly rappers ranking them 5 through 1.

SANITY: My top 5 indie rappers from Philly are:

5. Vodka

4. Hollowman

3. Robbie Casablanca

2. Reese Buc

1. Sanity


VALIDATED: How difficult is it creating your own lane while trying to stay true to you and your brand of hip-hip?

SANITY: As far as what’s going on right now it’s easy creating my own lane. Nobody really wanna do what I do. I’m just working until the right eye or ear catches me. I want to be accepted for what I bring to the table. And the hip hop I bring is street knowledge and informative. You can enjoy my music and learn a lil' something from it.


VALIDATED: Tell us about other ventures you're currently working on. 

SANITY: I’m also a writer. I’ve worked with Miley Cyrus, Pop Wansel, Sterling Simms and the list goes on. I co-wrote “Loud” for T Mills. Which is also on all digital platforms. Check it out. I was fortunate enough to meet and vibe with various artist such as Miguel, Marsha Ambrosius, Elle Varner, Alicia Keys, Baby Face, T.I, Stevie Wonder with Pop Wansel who is responsible for it all. He’s a Grammy Award winning producer and a childhood friend of mine. I also have a clothing brand by the name of “Heard Dat” which stems from a phrase I use all the time and me and my guys made it into a way we can use it to promote our music. ”HEARD DAT” JUST LISTEN‼️


VALIDATED: Where can the fans support you online and social media? 

SANITY: @sanitydbc_ on Twitter

@sanitydbc on Facebook and Instagram


VALIDATED: Finally, what can we expect from your label in the near future?

SANITY: I’m working on my next album at the moment “M.P.O.V 2”. It should be out by January 2018. Look out for it.

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