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VALIDATED: Where are you from and what's the story behind your rap name?

TRIFE BOSS: I'm originally from The Bronx, but been in Brooklyn since 2002. My name (Trife) was a street thing. I eventually started using it for my rap name when my mom's heard someone call me it in the streets. So I fronted like it was a rap name. Lol But it stands for Trampling Rivals In ForEver. And I was known for making boss moves when I did something. So I put them together. Aka Ya Black Phil Jackson, if anybody asking! Lol


VALIDATED: Growing up, what kind of music was played in your household?

TRIFE BOSS: Alot of 70's soul, disco and gospel music. Me and my brother brought hip hop/rap and R&B into the household. Lol


VALIDATED: Tell us about your neighborhood growing up and how it influenced you?

TRIFE BOSS: Like every other project neighborhood, rough. I love the lessons learned from growing up in the projects. How to survive. It can be like living in the jungle. You have to be a strongminded lion that all, overstand?


VALIDATED: Name the hip-hop artists that have influenced your flow? 

TRIFE BOSS: Crazy! The artists that Influenced me, I don't listen to often. Jay-Z, Nas, Rick Ross, 50Cent, Snoop, E-40, etc. It's not so much their flow that Influencd me. It's their drive to accomplish the different goals and businesses that they have. I'm a artist but knowing the business is imperative. Can't rhyme forever, overstand?


VALIDATED: What can fans expect from your latest/upcoming project, ("iMove Different")?

TRIFE BOSS: Expect to be taking over by my energy. I love to keep peoples energy up and going while spitting some real lyrics over some energetic, hype, bouncing, hard beats. "Soul Clap" is the 1st single off the Project. video link:


VALIDATED: Who are some of the producers you worked with and some of the artist featured on the project?

TRIFE BOSS: I'm working with in-house producers... Doc Slice, CMentalz, Producer Hitman. All new producers with fire. I'm featuring one artist on this EP, Bo Blakk from Brooklyn. Didn't go with any big names on this. But I do have two singles out in online stores now with Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) called "Clap 4 Mey" and Sadat X (Brand Nubian) called "Don't Mean Jack".

VALIDATED: What's your earliest memory of hip-hop, the culture?

TRIFE BOSS: The throwdowns in the parks! Dj's spinning what was hot in the streets all night! Project crowded. Everyone enjoying their self! Getting my first 16 in on the mic at a age I wasn't suppose to be outside, 13. LOL Had to sleep in front of my parents apartment door mad nights because they wouldn't let me in for missing my cerfew. LOL


VALIDATED: Excluding you, name your top 3 most slept on indie Brooklyn rappers.

TRIFE BOSS: Bakeman Global, Bo Blakk and Handsome Balla. I do feel there is more then that. I know a lot of artists who have it but get slepted on. Like myself, they go extra hard for themselves and invest in self. We leave so little work for a major to do, sometimes I don't overstand how they don't snatch people like us up. Makes their life easier.

VALIDATED: Can you recall the moment you fell in love with hip-hop and what inspired you to pursue it professionally?

TRIFE BOSS: Yeah, 89'-90'. I was in the streets at this time. My brother and my boy always were at the table beating on it and rapping. They influenced me to love this culture we call hip hop. Listening more I eventually started rapping when I went upstate (prison). I came home and took it serious.


VALIDATED: How difficult is it creating your own lane while trying to stay true to you and your brand of hip-hip?

TRIFE BOSS: Being honest, don't know if it's just the person I am period but, so far it's been easy for me to stand out in a jungle full of lions. At the same time, it's also been easy to fit in a jungle full of lions. By nature, I was created to adapt to all, while moving different in the process.

VALIDATED: Is there any one person that over looked you that you want to prove wrong? And why?

TRIFE BOSS: Nah. I'm out to prove to self, for self. That all!


VALIDATED: What sacrifices have you made or things that you had to go without because you've invested in your artistry?

TRIFE BOSS: Sheesh! Buying a house in Marrietta, GA. Getting a new car. Pushing my other business endeavours further a little faster. I take away a lot for my artistry. Even my relationship. This business can take a toll on your better half too. When it's all said and done, the sacrifice MUST be worth it!

VALIDATED: Tell us about other ventures you're currently working on. 

TRIFE BOSS: I'm currently working on my clothing line. I want to make sure my clothes are appealing internationally. A lot of people jump into the fashion business, only to make clothes that their peoples in their neighborhood would wear. It's about thinking outside the box, overstand? Look at the world, not your 4 block radius.


VALIDATED: Where can the fans support you and your music online and social media? 

Twitter: @Trife_Boss
IG: @Trife_Boss @TrifeBossSupportTeam
Facebook: Boss Trife
Snapchat: BXGodzilla - Trife Boss
Spotify: Trife Boss

All online music stores are also Trife Boss.

That Hot Commodity, LLC




"Trife Boss - Soul Clap
[Directed By Da Inphamus Amadeuz]"
(Availble on iTunes & other major online music retailers) 

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