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VALIDATED: Where are you from and what's the story behind your rap name?

UFO FEV: I am born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC. Jefferson Houses is ground zero, my rap name UFO Fev came from Black Rob of Bad Boy fame. A long time family friend caught wind of me rapping and one day mentioned he heard I was hot, that I had a fever, coming from Rob and what he meant to me & the neighborhood I just felt anointed by name. The UFO comes from knowledge of self, awareness of the surroundings.


VALIDATED: Growing up, what kind of music was played in your household and how has it influenced the music you create?

UFO FEV: Growing up, the type of music that played in my house was eclectic mostly classic salsa, but my grandma raised me and she sang falsetto and loved Opera music. She would clean the crib to all types of different vibes. I mostly studied hip hop, but my 9th grade year was spent at a upstate high school so I caught some inspiration from different genres early on.


VALIDATED: Tell us about your neighborhood growing up and how it influence you?

UFO FEV: My neighborhood growing up was tight knit, inner city life. Rough, but we knew how to survive. On the inside at least, we knew these unwritten codes I can't really explain it but you know how to live or you adapt rather as all humans do. It influenced my entire livelihood from how I deal with people to learning patience. Being considered a minority you don't really get room for error so gotta learn quick.


VALIDATED: Name the hip-hop artists that have influenced your flow and what, if anything did you borrow from them? 

UFO FEV: I try not to let much influence my flow and what I do, but meeting certain criteria like to sound as clean as BIG, as clever as NAS, as aggressive as Beanie Sigel, be as nice as Pun. You know things like that help what make me who I am today. Keeps me sharp.


VALIDATED: What sacrifices have you made or things that you had to go without because you've invested in your artistry?

UFO FEV: The sacrifices I've made along my journey go beyond things we can actually see, like things I've given up since day one are endless. I was born poor so I never had much to give in the first place, I just stood dedicated and any money I get it's always gone to music. Since I was young, the streets will vouch for me. I was in studios paying $500, $600 back in 10th, 11th grade. For me it just is what it is, its what I do. I like shoes and stuff but making art is better.


VALIDATED: For those who haven't heard your "Camouflage EP", what can they expect from the project?

UFO FEV: For those who haven't heard my Camouflage EP, you can expect to hear quality street music made by a father raising his daughter in a matrix. lol


VALIDATED: What's your reaction to the response of the "Mr. Nice Guy" single?

UFO FEV: My reaction to the response of "Mr. Nice Guy" is, word I knew this joint was hard lol. I'm just going to be forever grateful to that song because it just means a lot to me. I was sincere and everything on it is true. My uncle would've loved it, he was my #1 supporter right up to that song. He passed and inspired me to write it so I'm thankful.


VALIDATED: What's your earliest memory of hip-hop, the culture?

UFO FEV: My earliest memory of hip-hop the culture would be my block. 115th and 1st Ave., we always had bbq's and basketball tournaments where the DJ would bring the big speakers out and after the games people would be out all night just chilling. Hearing things for the first time felt special.


VALIDATED: What are your thoughts on lyrics remerging as the focus in hip hop again?

UFO FEV: My thoughts on lyrics emerging, well I think the most successful and respected artists are lyricists. There's room for everything but can't deny skill.


VALIDATED: Not including you, name your top 5 most slept on indie rappers from Harlem.

UFO FEV: Not including myself, my top 5 indie rappers from Harlem would be in no particular order... Young Twizzy, my cousin Dev & Gleamz. That's all I got for now lol.


VALIDATED: Can you recall the moment you fell in love with hip-hop and what inspired you to pursue it professionally?

UFO FEV: The moment I fell in love w hip hop was Wu Tang Clan's Enter the 36 Chambers album. What inspired me to pursue it professionally is still a work in progress. lol I will revisit this when I cross my first million.


VALIDATED: How difficult is it creating your own lane while trying to stay true to you and your brand of hip-hip?

UFO FEV: How difficult is it to create my own lane while staying true hasn't been too tough because I write a lot so I don't have time to hop in  anyone else's lane.


VALIDATED: Tell us about other ventures you're currently working on. 

UFO FEV: Haven't really dived into many ventures outside of my label, "The High Enterprise Records, LLC". Being an artist and making the right business decisions have kept me busy.


VALIDATED: Where can the reader support you and your music online and social media? UFO FEV: I am UFO Fev on all social media, Youtube.com/UFOFev or my website TheHighEnterprise.com


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