VALIDATED: Where are you from and what's the story behind your rap name?

HONEY DINERO: I’m from the Bronx, New York, Gunhill to be exact.  I am a very big fan of black exploitation movies and an ex gave me the name because he could see me as a character in any of those movies or with my own.


VALIDATED: Growing up, what kind of music was played in your household and how has it influenced the music you create?

HONEY DINERO: Different genres from classic r&b, jazz, soul, 80’s pops to reggae. I concentrate on making sure my music has soul and depth to it.  Major elements seem to be missing in hip hop now.


VALIDATED: Tell us about your neighborhood growing up and how it influence you?

HONEY DINERO: Gun Hill was definitely tough. My family made sure we grew up knowing how to defend ourselves and being aware of what was in the streets and our surroundings. It was so tough, my mom moved us to Charlotte, NC. But I learned some very tough lessons there from some of the very same scenarios she was trying to remove me from.


VALIDATED: Name the hip-hop artists that have influenced your flow and what, if anything did you borrow from them? 

HONEY DINERO: Nas, his overall style, Lauryn Hill, her vice and delivery, Scarface, his story telling, Mc Lyfe, her voice and delivery, Foxy & Kim, their slickness and Notourious Big, his story telling and delivery.


VALIDATED: What sacrifices have you made or things that you had to go without because you've invested in your artistry?

HONEY DINERO: I’m fortunate to own 2 houses in 2 different states. One my cousin and her family lives in and the 2nd, I live out of but since I’m always in New York, my mom and aunt have now taken over. It’s all good though. I haven’t bought a car in a couple of years and I don’t spend money like that outside of bills and investing in my career.


VALIDATED: What's your earliest memory of hip-hop, the culture?

HONEY DINERO: Graffiti, dancing, music blasting, videos, clothing , composition notebooks, gold jewelry but wanting platinum. Everything about urban New York City was hip hop! It was nostalgic and you could smell it in the air. When I moved down south and every time we reached the George Washington Bridge (if we drove) or if I flew in; it was hip hop in the air!


VALIDATED: What are your thoughts on lyrics remerging as the focus in hip hop again?

HONEY DINERO: I embrace it! I f*ckin' love it! Lol. It’s needed. I’m hoping this reemergence puts a spotlight on me!


VALIDATED: How did you get your start in hip hop?

HONEY DINERO: I've always been a wordsmith. I actually would try to write R&B/POP songs. But I loved hip hop so much and needed to find a way to express myself, so I started writing rhymes. My friends would tell me how good I was. So instead of dancing in talent shows; I’ve danced since I was 2 yrs old (classical like ballet, tap, jazz, modern to hip hop), I rapped.  I did this for a while and then decided to go at it professionally.


VALIDATED: What can fans expect from your latest/upcoming project, "LIPSTICK & BULLETS"?

HONEY DINERO: "LIPSTICK & BULLETS" is hard! It’s street! Buts it’s feminine. It’s the accounts of my life, the road to this point right here. The ups, the downs, the goods, the bads; the pretty represented by "Lipstick" and the ugly, by the "Bullets". LIPSTICK & BULLETS VISUAL E.P. I wanted to visually tell that story of love, passion, heartbreak, suspense and action in a thrilling way.


VALIDATED: What producers and artist did you work with on this project?

HONEY DINERO: I worked with BROOKLYN emcee, GQ Statuss. Belizean Born/BROOKLYN emcee Prayah Bell who is signed to Busta Rhymes label, The Conglomerate. Harlem siren, Brea Simone . A dope Male R&B artist, J.Alcide. Production by D Block’s Vinny Idol, a producer from Ghana, Africa by the name of Three Kube Beats, Canadian producers, TECK n CLIPS, and a producer by the name of Al Hardy, Hardy Boy Beats.


VALIDATED: How difficult is it creating your own lane while trying to stay true to you and your brand of hip-hip?

HONEY DINERO: There’s no difficulty here. I just do me. I tell my story, I wear what I like, my style is mine with little to none influence.


VALIDATED: Tell us about other ventures you're currently working on.

HONEY DINERO: I am in a web series called “New York Minute”; written, directed, and produced by Illa Ghee. I am also part of a movie/series called, “The Bitch in 4B”.

I’ve been actively working on my clothing and cosmetic line called "LUXE 5". I have a few customed leather and fur pieces that I have designed and hand made.  I currently wear some of these pieces in my photo shoots and videos, as well as on stage when I perform and at appearances.

Regarding my cosmetics line in development, I’m working on a "MURDER SHE SPOKE RED" lipstick to release along side my "LIPSTICK & BULLETS" visual e.p. as a campaign.

I also have in development, a foundation of Music and Education which bridges the gap of  young inspiring emcees to also learn the fundamentals of reading and writing sheet music with the purpose of learning to play instruments and broadening the scope of music, music theory, production, and composing, while placing emphasis  on education and the importance of great grades, testing, and behavior first. I am strongly passionate about empowering young girls and women on self love, esteem, and strength.


VALIDATED: Where can the reader support you and your music online and social media? 







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