VALIDATED: Where are you from and what's the story behind your rap name?

RADIO B: I'm from Southside, Richmond, VA. That's where I spent most of my life but I'm originally from NY. I used to be named Blitz, but there was the homey from QB named Blitz and our names would come across one another’s and he was running with Nas. I wanted to set myself apart. I wanted something that embodied hiphop and music; a symbol. That’s where Radio B came in.

VALIDATED: Growing up, what kind of music was played in your household and how has it influenced the music you create?

RADIO B: All types of music was played; Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle. You name it. My parents are big music lovers. Mostly Soul and R&B. I think it really gave me the taste of soulful music with substance. So that's what I've sought out. My mom is a hip-hop head because of me though. Lol

VALIDATED: Tell us about your neighborhood growing up and how it influence you?

RADIO B: I moved around alot actually. In NY I spent alot of time in Tuckahoe because that's where my family is from.


VALIDATED: Name the hip-hop artists that have influenced your flow and what, if anything did you borrow from them?

RADIO B: I would say my biggest influences at different points of my growth were Jay-Z, Eminem, and Joe Budden.  Jay-Z because of the slick wit, the entendres, and the conversational approach. Eminem for the wordplay, intensity, and passion. Joe Budden for his ability to be completely transparent, and introspective, as well as his story telling ability.

VALIDATED: What sacrifices have you made or things you've had to go without because you've invested in your artistry?

RADIO B: I've lost relationships with women. I've sacrificed tons of money and time of course. I've had to go without a lot of recreation that other people indulge. I just don't have the relax button for it all the time. Just recently I left my 65-70k a year job to be a full time creative. Which i couldn't be happier about.

VALIDATED: What's your earliest memory of hip-hop, the culture?

RADIO B: Finding my brother's KRS-1's "Criminal Minded" cassette tape.

VALIDATED: What are your thoughts on lyrics remerging as the focus in hip hop again?

RADIO B: That's what I live for! That's why I compete! It's the type of artist I am and those are the artists I admire. I'm doing my part to help that happen. Here in Richmond (Virginia) I've started a platform called "RVA Lyricist Lounge", paying homage to the old Lyricist Lounge show. Pushing the emcees in my city to refocus on lyrics/bars and just being sharper emcees.

VALIDATED: Not including you, name your top 3 most slept on indie rappers from your city and why.

RADIO B: I'll give you the other 2 best and then I'll list the 3 most slept on so there's no confusion. The best outside of myself are Nickelus F and Michael Millions hands down. The most slept on I would have to say are Easalio, Misterelle, and Henny L.O. in my city.

VALIDATED: What can fans expect from your latest/upcoming project, "Jesus Never Wore A Suit"?

RADIO B: Definitely my best work to date as far as a complete project I believe. In concept it is a continuation of the EP i released last year called "Sunday's Best EP". It's very focused on a lot of social issues we face today via the media, social media, religion, politics, etc. It touches on a lot of the issues in my city with youth violence. It's got a lot of important layers. I'm really looking to spark a lot of conversation with the content of this album and the artwork that supports it.

VALIDATED: What producers and artist did you work with on this project?

RADIO B: I worked with one producer for this album, his name is J.L. Hodges.

VALIDATED: How difficult is it creating a buzz in a city that's not known for creating hip-hop artist?

RADIO B: We don't have much of a legacy for creating stars in my city at all, although we have tons of talent. Madd Skillz and D'angelo are the most notable of course. It's extremely difficult, because we don't have an infrastructure for artists to come up through. The local radio doesn't really get involved in our hip-hop scene. So we've sort of been left to fend for ourselves. Which I think is finally starting to pay off and it'll be much sweeter when we get our just due.

VALIDATED: Tell us about other ventures you're currently working on.

RADIO B: I own a battle league with my partners Bravo & Nickelus F called "Southpaw Battle Coalition", which has become the premier battle league in Richmond and one of the best in the DMV area, as well as I previously mention "RVA Lyricist Lounge". I'll also be starting another platform to give exposure to all types of creative people which is called "All Of Cr3ation". I can't speak too much on that right now, but you'll see a lot from there pretty soon.

VALIDATED: Where can the reader support you and your music online and social media?

RADIO B: My social media is all @Radioblitz (IG, SC, Soundcloud, Twitter) and Facebook is RadioB Carden. You can find my music on all digital platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, etc) and also my Pandora channel is Radio B Radio.